In Today’s Digital Age,
Personal Branding Is Not Optional.

If you haven't considered how you present yourself to your peers, colleagues, and customers, then you may be missing a huge opportunity to set yourself apart in a noisy marketplace.

If you haven't defined your personal brand, then that ends up actually being your brand! Is that what you want?

Knowing who you are and what you bring to the people in your industry is what can truly set you apart in your online awareness strategies. How can I help you discover your brand? First, I'll identify your personal story.

Remember, EVERYONE has a story but most people believe they don’t and if they do, they don’t think it’s particularly unique, compelling, and they certainly don't know how to make it relevant to their profession. 

Hello! I'm Kate Paine, the founder and president of Standing Out Online. I’m pretty certain you do have a story and it’s my job to tease it out of you. You’ll discover how telling your story will infuse your online profiles with your personality, and weave it into a story relevant to your professional expertise so you can set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace.

I love telling a person’s story. It’s what inspired me to pursue a journalism and communications degree and the path, which led me into my writing, communications, media and public relations career. As a journalist and a PR professional for 25 years, I know what makes a good story, a great story. Let's discover yours!


Lisa J. Jackson, Business Writer

If you want to have your profile stand out, I recommend working with Kate to percolate your stories until the best one surfaces and can push your profile to the next level.

Debra Roberts, Relationship Expert

Kate helped me redefine my messaging on LinkedIn from a resume-style to having a more personal and relatable profile. She's a great resource as she understands the makeup of LinkedIn and how to best connect with an audience.

Lee Duncan, CEO, Alliance Group

I highly recommend Kate's services to anyone looking to better utilize LinkedIn as a powerful tool to expand their sphere of influence and grow their business.