About Kate Paine
I work with entrepreneurs and executives to develop their personal story to reinforce their
personal brand and professional expertise.

Your personal brand combines your professional skills and industry expertise for both your online presence and how you present yourself to clients, peers, and colleagues. My goal is to get you noticed from your competition and differentiate your online messaging and positioning.


Together, we'll increase your visibility and empower you to manage your digital footprint in uncommon ways so prospects will know more more about you and how you can help solve their needs.

My 20+ years in public relations, strategic communications planning, business networking, and serving as a resource and connector for women business owners has made me very aware of how to tell one's story within the world of business.

After working together, you'll know how to:

• Make your online engagement effective and time-efficient

• Define your personal brand and unique value proposition

• Build relationships so your clients, prospects, or employers get to know, like, and trust you

• Use appropriate social media channels to achieve your online promotion goals

• Showcase your expertise and thought leadership so people seek you out to help them

The Fun Stuff

I’M A: native Vermonter. (That’s kind of a big deal here in the Northeast as there aren’t many of us around who can claim that these days.)

I THOUGHT I WANTED TO BE: a broadcast journalist after college but, instead, I decided I preferred to be behind the camera. I once had a video production and photography business in the early ‘90s.

MY INNER GEEK: I love to do research. (From search engine keywords to tech apps, and from social media trends to pro photography using an iPhone.)

SOMEDAY I’D LOVE TO: do a TEDx Talk about why a person's slice-of-life story can be a game changer to stand out in a noisy marketplace.

I WAS AN INTERN: at CBS News in New York in the late ‘80s and I worked for CBS Morning News and The Evening News with Dan Rather. A life-directing experience for me, it was there that I realized I didn't want to work in corporate broadcasting but wanted to be a storyteller in other ways.

I’M A MOM: of two sons who surprise me each day, make me laugh, and work tirelessly on a family Christmas Tree farm. They also have a maple sugaring business with their father and make the best Vermont maple syrup on the planet!