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What is personal branding?

Personal Branding is, essentially, your reputation.

Building your personal brand is an effective strategy to showcase who you are, combined with your values, integrity, professional expertise, and making all of that relevant to your career and expertise.

It’s the way you stand out from your professional and industry peers, and showcase your influence and thought leadership.

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linkedin coaching

Are you unsure how to navigate LinkedIn much less how to write a compelling and search engine optimized (SEO) profile?


You're not alone. 


We’ll show you the strategies, best practices, deeper level engagement, and how to leverage LinkedIn as a personal brand and marketing tool.

You’ll go beyond just an optimized and enhanced profile because we'll work with you 1:1 to assess your overall personal brand goals (online and off) at the same time.

Having a strong profile is great but knowing how to use it to your benefit and engage on a consistent basis is critical. 

We'll sort it out together  and make it fun at the same time. 


When people consider the channels to distribute their video content, they mostly think of Facebook, YouTube, and - more recently – Instagram TV.

LinkedIn is not often thought of as a primary channel to distribute video content but we can tell you, it’s worth it.


Video on LinkedIn is super hot right now. In fact, LinkedIn – while, admittedly, late to the video game – is beta testing LinkedIn Live. (Think: equivalent to Facebook Live.)

LinkedIn Live will be just that, live streaming video but its focus will be on business and professional content. 


Whether you react with enthusiasm or dread, we'll coach you for your next appearance on TV, radio, a podcast, webcast or interview by a newspaper or online journalist so you’re more than prepared.

We'll focus on your main talking points and delivery of your message.

You’ll feel confident and assured that you know your topic and can convey your expertise.


Your talking points will be clear, concise, and you'll be physically comfortable on camera or radio, and feel confident once the spotlight's on you.


Business Owners & Solo Entrepreneurs

Executives & Managers

Industry Visionaries & Public Figures

Corporate Sales & Marketing Teams

Speakers, Authors, Coaches, & Consultants 

Professionals or Veterans in Career Transition